Tuesday afternoon and as per doing fuck all! But who really gives two shits of a cracks arse when there’s fuck all to do around Liverpool city center these days? And especially when you got a couple of pals coming over to smoke some weed n knock back a bargain pack of Special Brew! Chuck in a couple of your older pals mates and you got one skanky council house party just ready to kick in! In down n out social benefit fucking mix of Dads n Lads Council house watch as Jason takes it right up his young tight arse and watch Welsh Zac get a right good gob full! Continuing in the tradition of truly proper British lads that you don’t see anywhere else this Triga British filth fest features horned up lads just gaging to fuck n tongue each other and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Uncut Extra Dole Version Running time approx 150 mins

We do not recommend at this time that downloaders purchase this film for an IPAD or Tablet. We will be launching IPAD/Tablet versions of our films later this year. © Triga Films 2019.

DVD PC Classic Dads Piss Scallies

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