A group of lads are working hard at soccer training in the mid-day sun. One breaks off to cool down in the changing room but the heat has got this dirty mohawk muther-fuker horny. Standing in front of a mirror he gets his cock out and starts jerking off, watching himself pulling his pud. Just as hes getting into it a short muscled team-mate walks in so the wanking stops while his mate strips, soaps up and showers a few feet away. But the showering lad is too interested in working his own chest and abs to worry about the other lad, who starts wanking again and finally dumps his load in the sink. A third team-mate then comes off the pitch and seeing the solo show going on in the showers, decides he want in on the action and soon both lads decide soccer should be swapped for sucking. Two becomes three as the last lad abandons the playing field and gets stuck into the session now going on in the showers.

We don’t not recommend that you download this film on an IPAD.. © Triga Films 2017.  

PC Classic Piss Rough Sport

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