'Thievin Robbing Bastards Extra Loot. Community service? I don't think so! Bugger the burglars! Don't leave your back door open, those thievin' scally bastards are out on the prowl looking for an opening. When the gang get caught red handed raiding someone's living room they get more than a bag of loot for their trouble - a load of big cocks up their scally arses and a load more down their throats as the horny housemates wreak revenge on the dirty robbers. Triga's all new "thievin' robbing bastards" is a new take on the old saying "commit the crime and do the time" when the police get called round to check out some reported stolen goods, the gang of scally robbers get a proper seeing to from the burly boys in blue...and we're not talking community service! Strip searched and banged up these burglars get a right good buggering!

Please note the DVD version of this film is the standard 110 mins edition. We don’t not recommend that you download this film on an IPAD.. © Triga Films 2020

DVD PC Classic Piss Rough Scallies Uniform

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