Starting off with a guy with a huge dick 2-handed wanker in an Umbro top and white shorts, wanking on a couch and occasionally using the footie boot on his knob. Squirts all over his belly and chest. Next up its the goalies turn wanks with his gloves on, with an interesting shot up the leg of his shorts. More wanking with footy boot and then a splurge of thick white cum. In the changing room another guy ends up lying on the bench, wanking through the leg of his shorts and cumming all over his top. Still in the changing room, another guy in an Umbro top lubes up his cock, fingers his hole and dribbles thick white spooge before taking a shower. Again in the changing room, cute guy with a goatee and a thick, stumpy cock, whaps his dick between 2 footy boots before splatting over them.

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PC Classic Scallies Solo Sport

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