Football Wankers Vol. 2 features seven lads. 7 amazing lads. 7 super sexy, super horny, super spunkers. Every lad is a star; a testosterone-filled, fit-as-fuck star.`Stuart` kicks off in his Celtic kit, rubbing his cock thru his baggy shorts. We get treated to the sight of his lovely, soft, fat knob growing into a strong, hard, uncut beast with just the right amount of foreskin; watch it glide back to reveal his swollen helmet. Great legs, firm ass, fit torso and check out his eyes!! Stuart is just a pleasure to watch as he wanks and cums, head tilted back, lost in his own dirty-lad thoughts. One of the best solo scenes Triga has filmed to date. `Neil` is what I call a `puppy`. Cute with youth; see the way he looks at you with those timid eyes. No idea why cos this one has nothing to be shy about. Well hung and well horny with low hangers, he stares into the camera once hes shot, as if to say was that ok adorable. Chelsea-lad `Mick` is a total contrast; a big pricked, sneering bone-head who plays to the cameraman; dirty cunt. Again, we see another lovely knob on display here. But with Mick we also get some great shots of his smooth ass and shaved ring. Cheers for showin it off, Mick. Much appreciated. Pocket-rocket `Lee` has a well formed, tight frame, more than a handful between his legs and a mouth that remains `defiant` throughout his performance.

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PC Scallies Solo Sport

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