The original British film that starts with showing the lads on a local footie field in a mucky game of soccer. One goes to the changing rooms where the slim guy in his early 20s cleans off his boots, then starts to work his big, uncut cock. When the other lads come in, he puts it away, but soon he's joined by the other players. Rough and ready, this video has ordinary guys in a raunchy setting, sucking cock and working their tools. There's a good mix of ages, with a good-looking muscled guy and an overweight one. There's no music, only the sound of the water in the pipes and an infrequent gasp from one of the lads. This is as real as you will get. One of the built older guys gives us a surprisingly high shoot, followed by another from a sexy bisexual red-head. As they go into the showers, the firm good-looker wanks himself off as he lies on the bench best british porn film ever! Lads messin about in footy kit is really what Triga was built on & Football Orgy Vol. 1 is a perfect example of that.

Please note this DVD will play in all regions worldwide including UK/Europe/USA and Australia.

PC Classic Rough Scallies Sport

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