Need a couple of extra sockets fitting? The Sparky's Apprentice-Extra Time! Young Billy is the new lad on the block. Just started work for TRG Electrics and learning the ropes, he gets taken to a job by big old Mark the oldest geezer in the firm who takes one look at him and decides that Billy needs a crash cousrse in plug-fitting. Billy gets his arse well and truly plugged by Mark's massive throbbing dick and sparks fly as he fucks the apprentice all over the shop. At the next job Billy finds himself with a whole gang of sparkie's re- wiring a flat who subject him to his new-boy initiation. Billy has to toss himself off in front of the gang in five minutes or else he buys the beer for the next month! Instead of flicking through the wank mag they give him Billy starts eyeing up the gang of lads and when they notice they all decide to give his arse a good hard pounding as punishment.With his arse still smarting from his last mega-shag session Billy gets the job with Rob the cocky boss of the company and his gang fixing the electrics in the local brewery. Give yourself an extra charge with Triga's Sparkie's Apprentice!

 We don’t not recommend that you download this film on an IPAD.. © Triga Films 2020

PC Classic Rough Scallies Uniform

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