Scallys, Chavs, Skanks and Street Urchins! Triga Films the Original British film company presents over 115 minutes of the Best of British Street Trade in this DVD The English Scally Collection. Starting way back in 2001 Triga Films became the first UK porn company to showcase the lad the bad, and the very dangerous to know! Starting way back with the ground breaking Scally Boy Orgy the first UK Scally film featuring the low life of British hoodlums and then going on to Council Scum Triga Films were the first and only production company to feature real British street urchins in their full and brutal glory! This showcase of scenes including unruly and wild lads fuckin the arses off each other but more importantly The English Scally Collection shows that lads in porn dont have to be the usual blonde and skinny camp boys who feature so heavily in all other gay porn! This compilation is a tour de force of prime British porn at its best. Running time approx 115 minutes approx.

We don’t not recommend that you download this film on an IPAD.. © Triga Films 2020


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