Uncle Don is the master at persuading the stunning young marines from the nearby military base to come over to his place and play around with each other. He tells them he has a girl they can fuck when they get to his house...and what do you know, the girl doesn't show. As Uncle Don says : A stiff dick has no conscience...These guys are all straight, usa scallys, horny and need some extra cash!In the third instalment of the `Real Recruits Season` we get 7 scenes with a total of 12 hung, horny, taut n tattooed str8 `jarheads` eager to get off while watching pussy porn alone or with a buddy. Once again, Uncle Don manages to get some very hot soldier studs to strip off and `beat their meat` for our pleasure. And believe me, a pleasure it is. No nice lead in to this film, we launch straight into 2 contrasting rookies gettin head from a guy in a balaclava. One lean & verbal, the other stocky & silent; one confident, the other reserved these guys give a great show, especially the heavily tattooed grunt who, with his cap pulled down over his eyes & using both hands to work his meat, leans back against 2 well positioned mirrors & gives us a demo of what a guy can do while alone with his thoughts & a boner. 

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