Lets get wet and wild lads its time for Piss Tapes Volume 1. Britsih Straight and Bi lads gettin their cocks out for a good piss about. Who said water and electricity dont mix as the showers feature heavily in this piss stained fuck fest . From Scally lads to Skinheads Triga brings you a soak filled spunk orgy of Piss fun. See Simon the fit workman with massive cock and balls full of cum delivering an amazing load or Gavin and Warren providing us a real wet dream and fuck session. Moreover the Scallies in footie gear will make you fucking wet yourself so fucking horny with plenty of tongue and suck action . Dripping Piss , dripping spunk these Triga lads give us good hot steamy action at the urinals , in the bath or in the fucking bedroom. You'll be playing with your own fucking cock when you see Calvin the boxer havin a good piss. The action here is hard and rough even one young lad gets his arsehole washed down by his mate LOL. So lads if you like rough trade this film pisses on other films out there. Fuck going the toilet this Triga film will make you piss yourself in your fucking jeans.

We don’t not recommend that you download this film on an IPAD.. © Triga Films 2020

PC Classic Piss Rough Scallies Uniform

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