SKINHEADS! Warning this film is withouth doubt the filtiest and hardest film avaialble in the UK at the present time. If you like hard skinheads fuckin and pissing over slag lads then this will not dissapoint. Review from Qx Men magazine! There is no messing about with Skinheads and they are straight into the action in scene one coming face to face with two burly skins in just their boots stood at an empty bar. When they are interrupted by one big mutha fuckin bonehead wealding a baseball bat you know the action is going to be hard and not for the faint-hearted. The smaller of the three blokes is forced to his knees by the two mean bruisers while they spit in his face, piss down his throat and ram their hard fat cocks in and out of his willing mouth til he is choking. A new lad joins the action and is immediately stripped, forced to his knees and dragged by his hair to face the other sub skinhead. Now both on their knees the subs are forced to suck cock and eat arse while their dominators spit, piss and slap them about, all the time being threatened with a battering from the baseball bat.

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