With 11 great hardcore scenes Trigas Sporting Heroes really does live up to its name . In Sports Kit or out of it these British lads perform for you often with a little help from that randy old cunt of a cameraman who always gets a wicked performance from these guys on or off the field. In fact these lads are always happy to bend over or wank off just for you. Smoking on camera relaxed with a fucking massive hard on Liam spunks a pint worth of cum almost drenching the fucking camera . Adam aint bad either hes well happy always up for getting his cock sucked . Bet you would just cum in your boxers with Davids firm arse . Nothin better than gettin your face deep up a scallie lads arse spreading his cheeks ready to get your tongue up a juicy arsehole . Well tasty ! Therse British lads are in prime condition . Natural British beef the way we like it athletic and sporty. Get ready to jerk your meat with these lads Triga style. Go On ! For the boys !

We don’t not recommend that you download this film on an IPAD.. © Triga Films 2020

PC Audition Classic Scallies Solo Sport

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