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Didn’t know what I was watching at first, when it started on that estate in Wythenshaw. I thought maybe one of those Channel 5 things, like If You Don’t Pay We’ll Take it away. Looked so scummy, with the drug dealing and everything. Lads wanking in a grubby hotel room while racking up? Dirty bastards. They really give that chavvy slut a seeing to when they bust into his flat. Liked them bank robber masks on their faces and when they filming the abuse of that lad on their phones.When that cute boy plays with himself in the room. The one in the Sinner t shirt? He’s got a really nice cock, hasn’t he? Fat and fresh mate. Didn’t see it coming that he’d call a hooker. I’d pay to have Billy Essex come over. Any day. He is my ideal fuck, would so love to suck a straight man’s dick, knowing he’s going home and gonna stick it in his bird’s pussy.In Clunked Clinked MartinBig 90 makes a spliff with TommyGunnXXX. Martin sucking on Tommy’s big meat is horny and when Tommy gives a finger to the camera while smoking a J it really got me going, coz it reminded me of something that happened once with some mates back in school. Don’t know why, but when he pumps his bicep for the camera, that’s exactly what a straight bloke would do if you were having sex with him. I wish mate.

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