With Dianne Abbot Drinking on the tube, bike crime going through the roof, the UK high street in complete demise, stalking at an all-time high and to cap it all off, a fit as fuck gas workmen decides to spreads his baby making milkshake all over your broken cooker coz you can’t pay him out of your Universal Credit payment that’s fuckin delayed again, it looks like lawless Britain needs properly fuckin sorting out!

Smashed ’N’ Grabbed features a new mint gang of fit British lads including Mr-D! He’s fit as fuck and with a tool that even the BlackWall Tunnel couldn’t accommodate, there’s a new cocky little twat who you wouldn’t even trust to look after your ‘Morrisons’ bag for life, Mr Big-90 with his cock that would break Lloyds Bank shares is back and demolishing tight ass holes, Gabriel Cross who loves it so fucking hard that the sofa nearly broke after taking Billy’s cock, and then that proper fit cunt Andy Lee who’s creamy fat load nearly clogged up some poor cunts one ring appliance…..

Triga the Original British filth company since 1997. Nice one lads! Or as Dianne Abbot would say let's raise our M&S Mojito and fuckin Enjoy! Triga.

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DVD PC Classic Rough Scallies Solo Uniform

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