#THOMASFUCKS & REET PROPA TOON. 96 mins running time. #THOMASFUCKS Holiday of a life time they advertised it as! Those fucking cunts on the internet are a lying bunch of fuckers! Five star? My arse fucking five star, stunning pool and a fucking room with a view the cunts told me! Mr Big has just been on a sunshine fun filled holiday with his mates, bars, cheap drinks, birds, fucking food to die for…..well apparently! 14 miles from the city centre and not quiet what was advertised on the website Mr Big digs out his phone and googles for a bit of local culture, all he could find is two locals who end up showing him more than their leaning tower of ‘Pisa’ and their hanging gardens of Babylon…..Welcome to Triga Films cultural tour of all things foreign! Oh and back again.

Part 2: '
REET PROPA TOON ' tagged, slotted and busted Not great telling the check in desk bird the only dangerous item on your return trip home is your python sized explosive cock in your pants now is it! After getting a tag from the local Durham magistrates Mr Big pops down to town to the local arcade and bumps into his old pal Dillan, hooked on the slots like a Blackpool XXX decided to drag his mate to the local before his tag curfew………

Running time approximately 96 mins. Available on DVD @ £29.99 HD Download is £24.99 and the We do not recommend at this time that downloaders purchase this film for an IPAD © Triga Films 2019

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