Brass Fucking Monkeys. A Raw And Rough Look At Broken Londons Bare Arse Cheeky Underbelly.
After lugging 12 cans of ‘Carling’ round from the shop in his ex birds buggy ‘Postie Aaron’ catches up with present fuck ‘Ben’ for a bit of the old ‘how’s your father’ the two lads fuckin love nothing more than a right good filthy hard raw shag whilst downing the lagers and then each others council raised baby making milk. It’s been months since the estate agent was called to fix the old broken boiler in ‘Postie Aarons’ flat and the ‘cant be arsed’ lazy cunt calls round to take a look right in the middle of a hard fuck session, ‘Postie Aarons in no mood for the cunts attitude and decides that if he ain’t gonna fix it he’s gonna get two hot as fuck raw thermometers stuck right up where the sun don’t shine!

Brass Fucking Monkeys: Available on DVD @ £29.99 Download is £24.99. We do not recommend at this time that downloaders purchase this film for an IPAD © Triga Films 201

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