TRIGA FILMS Present ' KNOCKOUT ' Cash in your chips lads! Never mind a poker face…. it's time to get poked up the arse in Triga's new Scally Classic 'Knockout Strip Jack Naked'! Who gives a fuck who wins the game as everyone's a winner here! Chips are down but cocks are up as these fit Scally fuckers cheat the sheet and fuck each other's brains out in this spunk filled classic. Watch Scally lad Damian hit the jackpot and win his dirty money as he fucks Jack right up his arse while Paul gets more than a Lucky 7 getting banged all over the fucking place…. Go on lads – play yer fuckin cards right and we can all have a go! There are more than 3 cherries in this fucking game Lol !!! Once again Triga hit the target with this all British all horny spit roasting ficklest….If you like Scallies getting tongued up the arse and big juicy dicks this is for you…These lads play to win and play for cock! Who the fuck needs Vegas anyway !!!

This DVD Worldwide playable. © Triga Films 2020. Download is MAC & PC
Compatible We do not recommend at this time that downloaders purchase this film for an IPAD or Tablet. © Triga Films 2020

DVD PC Classic Dads Piss Rough Scallies

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