VAN FUCKERS! EXTRA FUEL EDITION! 170 minuets of classic British Triga. Get filled right up with this filthy ‘Fuckin n Truckin’ production. Those horny van men we see all the time on British streets - swearing, swerving, red light jumping, crotch-scratching cunts most of 'em. Their always in a hurry, cutting you up and speeding down your 20mph zone - and our lot ain't any different! Filthy fittie Daniel and his mate Jimbo are your typical gob shite van drivers who like nothin more than parking up their battered old transit somewhere quiet for a crafty smoke and seein if there's any randy lads about to suck their big fat cocks and then take em round to their mates building site for an afternoon orgy. Our Daniel's got a big load in the back and a few more in his sack ready to dump up some poor unsuspecting lads arse in this all spitting, all pissing Triga classic wiv bells on! Slam on yer brakes the filthy van man's speeding up your cul-da-sac now! This exclusive edition is only available directly through Triga Direct.

We don’t not recommend that you download this film on an IPAD.. © Triga Films 2020

DVD PC Classic Piss Rough Skins

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