Whilst on our travels scrawling down the gutters looking for Scally's we came across this little gem! Exactly as it says on the box 'Straight' military lads fucking for a buck! Featuring some fuck-off talent, as per Triga, rough, tattooed mean and moody! If you like spunk shooting in the gob and hard big cocks up the arse from the rough nuts brigade then you'll fuckin' you'll love it! If you're just a lover of the Brit Scally lad Triga stuff you won't! Running time approximately 80 mins. When I got this dirty little title to review my cock twitched just looking at the cover. Then I read the notes on the back of the sleeve, which we refreshingly blunt. And being a lover of the raw Brit Scally porn that is Triga's stable and finding that whole `str8 boys fucking` things a bit hard to believe at times I wasn't sure that this flick would be the right stuff to turn that cock twitch into a swell. Wrong, wrong, wrong! The opening scene is a 3-way. While they watch str8 porn and drink beer Lance gets lucky as he `heads` the other two. Zack, the guy in the middle, gets hard and displays a magnificent jaw-stretching uncut piece of man-meat. Fuckin lovely.

We don’t not recommend that you download this film on an IPAD.. © Triga Films 2017.


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