Game Over. Lock your door, turn off yer mobile, get your knob out & try to resist the temptation to blow your wad b 4 the movie ends. There is a lot going on in this movie; it would take forever to give you every twist & turn but here are some of the highlights. Without any fuss we jump straight into the action; a young blonde lad in soccer kit is sucking off his fit mate. Before long the blondes ass is up in the air getting poked; then from underneath as he sits down on the neat knob, bouncing till its well into his ass. Just watch when the top cums; a real case of I needed that! Then a bit more fucking & another cool cumshot. In the next pairing, check out the lad in the wrestling singlet; now thats what I call fit. No surprise then that his mate happily sucks & rims him, finally eating his cum without ever expecting any reciprocation. Moving on, the young blonde is back for his second helping of str8 cock; this time playing with a good looking, if slightly, rougher lad. And once the sucking is done & the rubber is on, `blondie` gets on all fours & takes a fucking.

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