The title should give you some idea of the theme of this dirty little movie; actually, I guess it kinda has a double meaning. But Im sure you lot are big enough to figure it out. Onto the action and listening to the preliminary chats the first 2 guys have (and watching the way some behave) I reckon JNRC went to Eastern Europe and filmed a mix of gay lads messing about with some str8/bi guys. The range of guys goes from dark to blonde, smooth to hairy, twink to tuff and top to very bottom. The first scene captures this perfectly. A smooth, blonde twink goes to work on a masculine, older lad, sucking him hard and then gleefully impaling himself on his mates hard cock before flipping onto his back, lifting his legs and taking a deep, prolonged, raw screwing. Both build up a sweat and at `cum-time` the blonde greedily swallows his mates cock just as hes shooting his load.

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PC MAC Classic Rough Sport

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