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PRISON GUARDS AIN'T CALLED "SCREWS!" FOR NOTHING! It's dead cushy in prison these days innit? They've got plasmas, mobiles, ciggies and booze all courtesy of HMP…But doing time wivout their birds is hard for some blokes and the randy prison guards are only too pleased to help the thieving good for nothings out if it means getting a blow job and a fuck! And our horny warders reckon these serial offenders deserve serial shagging! So it's stand by your beds lads and bend over when the officers say so! And call me "Sir!" while you're at it! These lippy tagged –up boys have to learn to earn their privileges the hard way - by servicing a whole lot of Jailhouse cock…. Running time just under 3 hours.

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DVD PC Classic Rough Scallies Uniform

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