Triga bring us the latest in voyeuristic fuckfests from the JNRC Europe stable. A selection of young army studs with their tools cocked and loaded await - for your eyes only. Watch them make an officer's mess... six to be precise, Sir! The first few scenes introduce a lad you may have seen before in the previous Triga films with his blue-and-white striped nylon footie kit. He's usually seen giving it to some rough footie lad, hard 'n' deep up the arse. Here he is with polished boots and polished helmet in Paramilitaries. And here he is standing to attention and saluting for you. He's inviting and accommodating, as he relieves each and every one of the young Air Cadets. Feast your eyes on his skinhead perfect face, squirming as he sits on cock after cock till he climaxes and fires his ammunition all over his chest. You'll soon be wanking over an older Cadet.

We don’t not recommend that you download this film on an IPAD.. © Triga Films 2017.

PC MAC Rough Skins Uniform

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