British lad Warren is a real fucken Bruiser. Extremely hony with rugged good lucks this hard fucker in his prime deserves a compilation of his rock hard talents because hes such a fucking horny bastard. Through various scenes and plenty of unseen footage Warren is completely the stuff of fantasies for men and for women .Not only is he married he is very confident with a cheeky smile he is a stud who just loves to perform in front of the camera . You really do feel for one poor lad getting banged up his hairy arse as Warren really knows how to fuck him . Rough and solid Warren looks fantastic in or out of his trackies even better when hes swallowing a load of spunk from the local skinhead. Get in there lad ! Or one scene using weights were Warren shows off his biceps and his meat ..its all well an good. Just watchin the sweat drippin off his taut body is making my cock fucking hard LOL. He certainkly knows how to suck a a big fat fucking cock. Warren is total Triga. He is a masculine bloke next door type down to earth with tattoos and a massive cock who loves to fucking use it. Bruiser Warren. Sexy Cunt.

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PC Classic Rough Scallies

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