If anyone sums up Triga then Danny is the one. Hailing from the best side of Nottingham ... the rough bit where all the chavs are .. this film gets to grips with why scallies are so fucking fit and why we cant get enough of them. Sometimes a moody little bastard Danny is a horny little fucker who cant wait to shoot his fuckin load .Always horny hes forever on the lookout for a willing mouth as believe you me it doesnt take long for this this boy to get hard.He doesnt care generally if its up a birds cunt or in a lads mouth he likes his sex sweaty and dirty. He loves gettin sucked and showin himself off for sure ....Hes quick to get his trackies down and wank away with a tight little arse and cheeky smile you just wanna get your tongue right down his throat or better still lick his sweaty arse an balls . Theres nothin better than watchin a horny scally smokin away with his skanky briefs round his ankles giving fucking attitude. Its making me stiff just thinkin about it. This Triga compilation film shows Triga at its best . With plenty of new footage of Danny you will want to join him in gettin your pants down and wanking off..To fuckin right. For the fucking lads!

We don’t not recommend that you download this film on an IPAD.. © Triga Films 2017


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