Tony get me a fucking drink! It's my fucking birthday but still no Stripper! ... Its drinks all round in this Triga fuckfest as blokes go down their mate’s boozer then blokes go down on their mates - go on Tony suck that fucking cock. Six horny lads chillin an havin a laugh want a blow job and they don't care how they get it! Fuck the birds? No not possible and there's no fucking Stripper! So these lads fuck each other senseless and get wasted - sounds like Triga. Sounds fucking cool to be honest.. Get in there! So lads If you liked Scally Boy Orgy, Cum On England or Council Scum then Blokes Down The Boozer is definitely one for you. It’s laid back and natural filthy and dirty...these lads get pissed and they take the piss if yeh get our drift. Chris the Scouser shows himself off, proper British n fit as fuck him get banged ..after all it is a party, not to mention blonde Liam. From Reading ..he knows what he fucking wants ...a stripper or Amsterdam ! Luckily for him he gets both Get yourself a beer and whip off yer boxers and settle down for 80 minutes of pure Triga...its got it all... Tattoos, Muscle, Piss, Beers, Smokes ...get the drinks in lads ...this is one fucking birthday party n your invited!

Please note the DVD version of this film is worldwide this film on an IPAD.. © Triga Films 2020.  

DVD PC Classic Piss Rough Scallies

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