The Cock Inn. You asked for it and he got it! Gangster Terry’s moved on and got himself a new boozer ‘The Cock Inn! Fancy a pint or summat a bit stronger? Well come on down to The Cock Inn where there’s always a warm welcome, especially if you've got a big fat cock to suck on, Cockney Geezer Terry’s knocked up a dirty back-street boozer where it’s a case of ‘Time Gentlemen Please’ to get a proper good bangin! There’s plenty of Dirty Tools n’ Slippery Nipples on the go in this gaff! The piss flows free and easy in this shithole and there’s loads of cock on-tap! Fuck last orders, these boys just wanna suck a ‘ Rusty Nail’ and lick each other’s arseholes... and there’s no complaining about who’s round it is next! The Cock Inn is classic Triga where a good laugh and plenty of dick is to be had... we don’t take ourselves too seriously here lads, but the lads don’t half take it - right up the arse and down their throats! Move over Tom Cruise Р we’ve got fit lad Terry servin’ the drinks, and it’s his bar so if anyone’s having a blow job he’s havin one first LOL. So lads, if you like a drink n’ a laugh whilst lickin on a pair of sweaty balls ...come down The Cock Inn where the drinks might taste like piss, but it’s nothin’ to do with the beer! Get in, and get down on yer knees son! Featuring for the very first time Terry steps that extra mile after a barrel of ale and when there’s no bird around he gets his straight cock serviced for the very first time by a bloke. 100% straight 100% swallowed. Special feature running time approx. 62 mins

Please note the DVD version of this film is worldwide playable. We don’t not recommend that you download this film on an IPAD.. © Triga Films 2020

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