Also Made In England is a banging compilation film which includes five of the hardest fucking scenes from our recent blockbusters! Russ the randy straight window cleaner uses his big fat cock to shag his mate into the middle of next week. Boiler suit banging from Sparkie's Apprentice with fit lad Billy the apprentice being shown the ropes by his massive cocked boss Marc. Young Billy gets his arse eaten and plunged good and proper in this plumbing classic scene! A blistering crime and punishment scene from Cocks & Robbers as four young hoodlums are taught a tasty arse fucking lesson by some renegade randy cops. Gang banging at its finest. It's cash on delivery as The Postman Always Fucks Twice and uses a big fat dildo in the filthiest scene from Triga's Postie film. Finally there is a spunk filled builders orgy from Bangin' Builders as five sweaty and burly lads get down and dirty amongst the rubble. Hard-ons all round guaranteed in 96 minutes of the best of British filth! Fucking perfect!

We don’t not recommend that you download this film on an IPAD.. © Triga Films 2020


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