Dads And Lads Weekender Extra Time. Stand by your beds and get your cocks ready as these lads and three Dads go on a weekender Older Geezer/Younger Lads orgy bender like you've never seen before! When the local footie team stay over at Jack the manager's house on a Saturday night the younger lads are pissed off at being left behind whilst Jack and his two assistants head off to the local pub. As the three horny Dads get back to the house they find the place in a right state with the lads on the lager and still not in bed. With an early start the next day Jack orders the lads up to bed only to find three of them in the bedroom wanking themselves silly over some fanny porn. Jack switches the porn off and orders lights out. But before you can say "Jack Robinson" the bad lads have found Jack's dildo and started trying it out on each other for a laugh. Jack hears the ruckus and stomps back into the bedroom to give them a bollocking followed by the two other Dads and the rest of the lads to see what all the fuss is about..running time 150 Mins.

DVD PC Classic Dads Rough Scallies

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