TRIGA FILMS Present ' PRIME BRITISH FILLET STEAK'. A Brand new 4 Hour Compilation featuring the Prime Of British Fillet Triga Steak!

Really can’t get enough of don’t know who that lad is with the slicked back hair in the boxing gym, but fuck he’s fit. Always good to see Geordie Jackson and that fight training in gloves was really real. Think that watching boxing training is as good as going to the gym lol! I’m sure I learned how to punch in the ring from Geordie’s lesson. He’s a fighter in real life innit? Loved it when they were training and he says, ‘If you put your hands down again, I’ll have you suck my cock’. The lad lost that one. But at least he got Geordies dick. Fucks him hard over that bench too. Gas Man Jack has got two really sexy blokes in it. Wish I had a gas man like that. Two of em would be even better.

Special BB Delivery is my favourite. Master Aaron is proper good and he really likes it hard and rough. When he stretches that man’s mouth open it’s really dirty and he fucks him for so long and really violently. He really makes that lad pay for it. Cumming gallons on his open hole was hot as fuck. Love it when JDXXX says, ‘come on bruv’ as Tommy GunXXX is wanking and then he squirt all over himself with that nice big dick.

Watching Workman Pete is like having a perv on that straight bloke on a building site. Him tossing off while watching dirty straight porn and grinning in that rough beard is well sexy.

Billy Essex always gives me the horn. Fuck a Teaf is him banging the fuck out of a scummy chav who tries to rob him. Billy makes him pay, with a hard fucking. Nice. Could watch Billy Esses all day long. Top cock that man. Lovely eyes. Dirty bastard. Never seen Andy Lee who’s in Fucking Cold Innit. What an amazing cock he has. Such a fat one And really thick legs. Can keep me warm anytime

Available On DVD and to download in HD Now. This film is over 4 hours and contains scenes taken from 'Trilogy' 'Gas Man Jack' 'Special Delivery' 'This Is Billy Essex' 'Smashed And Grabbed' 'Hench with JDDXXX & TommyGunXXX. ©Triga Films 2020. Download is MAC & PC Compatible We do not recommend at this time that downloaders purchase this film for an IPAD or Iphone. DVD @ £24.99 (Expected release on DVD is approximately 20/03/2020) The HD Download is available now @ £19.99

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