FUCKIN GANGSTAS : EXTRA DEALINGS. This version includes an extra filthy exclusive scene! Plenty more Rock, Cock, N Lots more Smokin Barrels! It’s never that easy when you want some gear...Then again it’s not always that easy when you want some cock! Well there’s plenty of both in this Triga classic as the lads get sorted in more ways than one ! With fit lads galore and plenty of spunk this wet and spanking fuckfest brings scallies with attitude to a whole new level. Proper sore spanked arses , stinking straight lads socks , feet and Trainers are all featured in this filth feast as muscle bound Straight gangsta Andrew beats his Bros into submission! Footie Sox, Piss and Trainers in yer face lads Bring it on! Also see fit as fuck Josh from Devon get a right good fucking by some thick northern dick and Welsh boy Craig getting a mouthful of sweaty arse ..well fucking horny! Once again Triga brings you a scally filth classic this time with plenty more suck and plenty of sniff. Get yer shorts down lads and do as your fucking told this films red hot and so are the poor cunts fucking arse! Running time approx. 150 mins.

Please note the DVD version of this film is worldwide playable. We do not recommend at this time that downloaders purchase this film for an IPAD or Tablet. We will be launching IPAD/Tablet versions of our films later this year. © Triga Films 2020

DVD PC Classic Piss Rough Scallies

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