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Millwall Lad

That’s what he said he wanted to be called in his movies - “Millwall Lad” - which ain’t very original is it? So we agreed. ‘Cos you don’t really want to be arguin’ with a guy called Millwall Lad after all do ya’??-

it’s not a good idea!! Millwall is a place in South London and a Footie club with a well deserved reputation for, shall we say, ‘avin’ it large or even more politely - causing the odd ruckus or two!!

So there you have it, in a nutshell - a fuckin’ good description of local this lad - born and bred in Millwall and as ‘ard as they fuckin’ come! He’s a straight lad with an attitude, straight off the street, inked prime British beef with a cock as hard as an iron bar and always ready to put it to good use.

Do yourself a favour and ‘ave a gander at him now - he’s a pure-bred Triga stud!


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