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One look at Billy and all who see him come to the same conclusion: The Only Way Is Essex.

The blue-eyed bovver boy is a porno legend. He’s lived his girlfriend for years and makes no apologies. ‘I’m straight as an arrow, says Billy.’ I don’t fancy guys’. 

Would he fuck a man? ‘Yeah,’ admits Billy. ‘Cause I love sex. I think you’ll find a lot of straight guys like having their cocks sucked. They like fucking too. That’s nature’. He’s not just a horny animal, Billy believes injustice.

He delivers punishment when it’s needed. In ‘This is Billy Essex’, the Triga favorite has a workout interrupted when a filthy little crim tries to rob from his yard. Billy catches the lad, roughs him up and bends him over. He makes the lad pay with his big, thick dick. ‘That’ll teach you to nick from my garden,’ spits Billy, pounding the thief’s hole with righteous fury. 

He likes fast cars and motocross bikes, and who wouldn’t want a ride with him? Like most Triga blokes, you wouldn’t want to make him angry. Billy’s a boxer and spends his spare time bashing punch bags down the gym.

This man’s in shape. That’s why you don’t argue when Billy grunts, ‘Cum, or I’ll kick your fucking head in’.



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