If you love your British Scally’s rough, dodgy and fresh off the street corners of your local council estate, then ScallyBoy Orgy will have you spunkin for months. Danny’s a proper Chav from up north, he’s young, cropped and a forceful little fucker.oh and he’s one dirty minded cunt. Freshly dumped by his teenage bird he invites some of his mates round to watch the game on the box what turns out is one long weekend when the lads end up doing the lads and Danny realises that the taste of pussy is long behind him. Triga’s ScallyBoy Orgy features 12 British Hooligans in an all out Scally Orgy! Running time: 2 hours and 12 mins approx


This latest release follows their beloved theme of horny lads in sportswear wanking & getting off but Triga’s `Scallyboy Orgy` sets a totally new standard for this most original of porn producers.. The location is a tough London council estate; the set, a rented flat designed purely to fuck & crash in. There’s a time line running thru this movie but trust me, it don’t matter if it’s morning or night to this lot. They just want to release some sexual tension; with and on each other.The opening scene is a 5-way. Three horny guys are sitting watching str8 porn when little stunner `Danny` arrives. Within minutes the trio have their knobs out, getting sucked by Danny and another mate who enters the fray. D’s trackies are peeled down & his hole gets probed for the first of MANY times. Bent over a massage table (great prop, guys) he gets his peachy ass licked, fingered, greased & repeatedly fucked by both man & toy. He ain’t just a taker though, giving head to several lads who crowd around him. Some great spit roasting action is followed by 2 of the guys spraying right over his face & into his open mouth. Watch how hungry he is, the dirty fuck!!! The next scene opens with the sight of Danny & a sexy cropped mate bent over the table, stripped from the waist down, polo shirts still on, legs spread & their firm, round butts sticking out. Both tight holes get lube’d & dildo’d by the top from the pervious scene who grins the entire time. Well, so would I if I was in his position! Jammy bastard. After some deep anal work with a couple of hefty black toys, all three jerk off; the 2 butt-boys lookin’ so fuckin’ sexy emptying their balls half dressed. Excellent scene. So, onto what I would class as the main `orgy` scene & all I can say is “fuck is it busy in there”!! 7 cruisy Scally lads all busting to unload are sitting around watching porn when Danny walks in with a mate. Out come the cocks, off come the shirts, down come the track pants & from then on it’s really a sucking `free-4-all`. There‘s plenty of solid inches on show as well as tight torsos, inked skin, greedy mouths, open throats, noisy snoggin’ & HARD ass pounding. A couple of guys get laid out head to head on the Union Jack covered table & forcefully worked over AGAIN & AGAIN with cocks of both the human & latex variety. Danny gets fucked proper hard, fast, deep & relentlessly by a well hung snarling bloke. The aggressive anal assault is only matched by look Danny gives his `top`; and that look is pure ` FUCKIN’ DO ME ‘ARDER, YOU CUNT `. Awesome pairing, fuckin` animals, superb scene. Danny is insatiable; he just wants to get filled as much as possible. The top is assertive and powerful in his thrusting. It’s the sort of fuck u wank about. Danny’s moaning gets louder & the only way to shut him up is to fill his mouth with a wet tongue or a swollen knob both of which are in abundance surrounding him; and he clearly loves either form of the gagging that’s administered. The other lad on the table gets his hairy hole well stuffed, spreading his cheeks apart to allow an oversized toy in his chute b 4 gripping the edge of the table & taking a hard shaggin’. He may be less vocal but his performance is equally impressive. And so it goes on. And on. And on. The group start to get wild on each other, like a pack of ravenous dogs on heat. There really is something well horny about the `gang mentality` I reckon. The snogging & sucking, wanking & fucking is intense & the chemistry between these guys is clear to see. If there is one small complaint about this movie, it’s that there is SO much action going on you’ll have to watch it over & over (no hardship, really) to make sure you don’t miss any of the background action which is as good as what the camera men (lucky cunts) focus on. That is one of the best things about this offering from Triga. This ain’t a contrived scene, a `staged` orgy; the action is everywhere. The lads don’t stop messing about wiv each other just ‘cos they ain’t being filmed at any particular moment. This group ain’t porn stars or actors; just `ruff n tuff` fit, horny fuckers who got together, got hard & nasty wiv each other and had their dirty exploits filmed. THAT is the essence of this movie. As the epic scene draws to a close the spunk really starts to fly. Balls are emptied over faces, in mouths, on lips & down throats; all the receivers making sure they swallow as much seed as possible that is pumped their way. The closing scene has 5 of the pack engaged in toe sucking, sphincter stretching, deep snogging, cock sucking & more nut-busting. There ain’t one geeza in the entire movie you’d pass up the chance to get physical with, they all have something about ‘em; be it a look, an attitude, a cock, an arse or just that indefinable `X` factor. But the final cum shot is saved for Danny; on his back, knees apart. A torso so smooth and taught, naked as the day he was born, pulling his pud and spurting his creamy load over his tummy. The perfect ending to what will surely be Triga’s most successful movie to date. Now, I have to go get another towel; I made a mess again!!! Fuckin’ love it, guys.

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