DVD RELEASED 22-02-2018 (Please accept our apologies for the slight date change of the DVD. Download available now.

Northern Crown Jewels. Theres more to The North than fish 'n' chips n 'gravey'. Past the Watford Gap up the M1 holds a treasure trove of right proper 'Northern Cock' Meet Bolton Ben at his first audition right through to his first day on the job as builder who loves a bit of outdoor action, 'Top Dogs' Stav whacks one out in his black tracksuit and stonking rock hard cock, 'Bradford Zac' leaves the boxing gym and jumps into our directors motor and shows us why his birds dropped a couple of little cunt! Theres plenty more instore when you open this treasure chest of proper fit lads like only Northern towns can chuck out! Sorted. Out Now On Triga DVD And Download. It's pure Triga, pure British, and 110 minutes of classic 'British Bloke' action that only Triga does. We do not recommend at this time that downloaders purchase this film for an IPAD or Tablet. We will be launching IPAD/Tablet versions of our films later this year. © Triga Films 2018 

DVD PC MAC Audition Classic Rough Scallies Solo Uniform

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